Switch Mortgage

Mortgages 1st Home


Interest Rate AS LOW AS 4.25%

100% Financing with adequate equity

Quick Approval (with full documentation)

Zero negotiation fees

Repayment Plan in line with retirement age (65yrs)

Payment of Legal Fees ($20,000.00 max)


Affordable monthly instalments

Quick Turnaround time

Tax Benefits

Asset Ownership

Automatic Credit Card (limit up to EC$10,000.00)

Automatic International Visa-branded Debit Card

Cultivate savings habit (Sinking Fund)

Smart Banking facilities (MoBanking, Online banking, 24hr ATM service)

Zero% Negotiation Fees


Land Register

Survey Plan/Map Sheet

Valuation of Property (by approved valuator)

Loan Statements

Valid Government issued ID

Current Job Letter

Proof of address

Three (3) recent Salary Slips

Sinking Fund ($100-$200 monthly)

1st National Bank will pay legal and valuation fees on behalf of the customer, up to a maximum EC$20,000.00 on loans.  In addition, the penalty amount, not exceeding 6 months of interest charged by the competitor, can be added to the loan amount/request. The term of the loan is based on the age of the customer, in line with retirement up to age 65. Penalties for early closure is 6 months of interest plus legal fees which the Bank paid on behalf of the customer when the mortgage was switched. 

Note:- This applies if the customer pays off the mortgage loan before 5 years. 

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