Switch Mortgage

Mortgages 1st Home


Interest Rate as low as 4.5%

100% Financing with adequate equity

Quick Approval with full documentation

Zero negotiation fees

Repayment Plan in line with retirement age (65yrs)

Payment of Legal Fees ($10,000.00 max)


Affordable monthly instalments

Quick Turnaround time

Tax Benefits

Asset Ownership

Automatic Credit Card (limit up to EC$10,000.00)

Automatic International Visa-branded Debit Card

Cultivate savings habit (Sinking Fund)

Smart Banking facilities (MoBanking, Online banking, 24hr ATM service)

Zero% Negotiation Fees


Land Register

Survey Plan/Map Sheet

Valuation of Property (by approved valuator)

Signed Offer Letter or Sale Agreement

Government issued ID (valid)

Job Letter (current)

Proof of Address (Utility bill, Credit Card Statement from other financial institution)

3 recent Salary Slips

1st National Bank will pay legal and valuation fees on behalf of the customer, up to a maximum EC$10,000.00 on loans.  In addition, the penalty amount, not exceeding 6 months of interest charged by the competitor, can be added to the loan amount/request. The term of the loan is based on the age of the customer, in line with retirement up to age 65. Penalties for early closure is 6 months of interest plus legal fees which the Bank paid on behalf of the customer when the mortgage was switched. 

Note:- This applies if the customer pays off the mortgage loan before 3 years. 

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