Overdrafts 1st Loans


Helps cover unexpected cash shortfalls by providing automatic protection against declined transactions

Prevents Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charges from occurring

Helps manage your cash flow more flexibly

Easy to arrange


One (1) Piece of Identification e.g. valid Passport, National ID Card or valid Driver’s License

Proof of Address i.e. a Utility Bill, a Credit Card Statement, an existing Bank Account Statement from another financial institution, or an additional piece of Identification bearing the residential address. (These must not be in excess of 3 months old)

Job Letter or Reference Letter (not in excess of 3 months old)

Down payment


Charges on Personal Overdrafts Negotiation Fee – 1% of amount
Minimum Fee – $100.00
Excess Rate – 18% or minimum $50.00
Charges on Commercial Overdrafts Negotiation Negotiation Fee – 1.5% of amount
Minimum Fee – $250.00
Excess Rate – 18% or minimum $250.00
Hive off overdraft to loan Arrangement Fee – 1% of amount or minimum $250.00
NSF Cheque Paid Fee $50.00 per item
Monthly charge on loan installment arrears (late fees) $75.00
Monthly commitment fee 1% of amount to keep offer open up to 6 months – minimum $100.00
Processing Bank Guarantee (collected upon customer’s acceptance of the offer) Minimum $250.00
In order to forestall customers from deliberately delaying the commencement of loan repayments by holding back on the drawdown, facility letters must clearly state: The drawdown period allowed
The date when repayments are to commence
Statement of Interest Paid If loan is current – $25.00 p.a.
If loan is in arrears – $50.00 p.a.
Statement (printout) of account – $5.00 per sheet
Credit Reports to other businesses, banks etc. $50.00
Banker’s Reports / Audit Reports $50.00
Collection Fee (Non-Accrual Loans) 1% of loan amount at the time given non-accrual status maximum $500.00
Loan Refinancing Fee $250.00

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