Education 1st Class


Further Education

Build credit

Repay after graduation

Terms & Conditions

Security: Lien over credit balance and/ Mortgage over property and/ guarantee and Life Insurance Policy

Up to $20,000.00 waiver of collateral requirement if course study is with approved institutions

Maximum loan amout: $250,000.00 to be repaid over a maximum period up to 15 years

Interest to be repaid from first drawdown of loan and principal + interest to be repaid 3-6 months after completion of studies


One (1) Piece of Identification e.g. valid Passport, National ID Card or valid Driver’s License

Proof of Address i.e. a Utility Bill, a Credit Card Statement, an existing Bank Account Statement from another financial institution, or an additional piece of Identification bearing the residential address. (These must not be in excess of 3 months old)

Job Letter or Reference Letter (not in excess of 3 months old)

Two Guarantors

Down payment

Student Loans: Letter of acceptance and cost of tuition from institution

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