1st Step Savings


2.25% Interest paid monthly

FREE Bank and ATM withdrawals

FREE Bank and ATM deposits

FREE Mobile Banking

FREE Internet Banking

FREE Bill Payments


24-hour Reliable Banking

Easy access to cash

Attractive Interest Rates

Transfer funds between accounts


$25.00 Minimum Opening Value (does not include 1st Debit Card).

$45.00 Minimum Opening Value (includes 1st Debit Card).

One (1) form of valid Government issued ID (Passport, National ID, Driver's License of parent/guardian).

Proof of Residential Address, not older than 3 months. Provide one from the list below:

Utility bill in parent/guardian's name, bearing his/her current residential address.

If utility bill is not in the parent/guardian's name, a letter from the bill holder confirming address in addition to a copy of the bill holder’s valid Government issued ID.

2nd form of valid Government issued ID of parent/guardian which bears the same current residential address as the 1st form of valid Government issued ID presented.

Credit Card Statement of parent/guardian, not older than 3 months which bears current residential address.

Bank Reference Letter from another financial institution, bearing parent/guardian's current residential address.

Tenancy Agreement bearing residential address of parent/guardian duly signed and dated by tenant and landlord.

Parent/guardian's National Insurance Corporation (NIC) number.


Early Closure of Account (within 6 months of opening date) - $25

Certifying Balance - $25

No Passbook Transaction - $10

Print Account Statement - $5 per sheet

Third Party Withdrawals - $5

Letters to Embassies, Consulates, Credit Confirmations etc. - $25

Search for Vouchers (dated within one year) - $15

Search for Vouchers (dated within one to five years) - $25

Search for Vouchers (dated over five years) - $50


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