1st Savings

1st Savings Savings


2% Interest paid quarterly

FREE Bank and ATM withdrawals

FREE Bank and ATM deposits

FREE Mobile Banking

FREE Online Banking

FREE Bill Payments


Easy access to cash

24hr reliable banking

Attractive interest rates

Transfer funds between accounts

No service charge (with a minimum balance of $500)


$25.00 Minimum Opening Value (does not include 1st Debit Card).

$45.00 Minimum Opening Value (includes 1st Debit Card).

St. Lucia: One (1) form of valid Government issued ID i.e. Passport, National ID (Drivers License will not be accepted as a single form of identification). Additional identification may be requested.

St. Vincent: Two 2 forms of valid Government issued ID i.e. Passport, National ID, Drivers License. Additional identification may be requested.

National Insurance Corporation (NIC) number.

Proof of income: Job letter from employer, detailing your position, duration of employment and income.

FATCA/CRS Self Certification Forms

Proof of residential address. Provide one (1) from the list below:

  • Utility Bill (Electricity, Water, Landline Telephone, Internet, Cable Tv) in applicant's name.

  • Current statement from a regulated or supervised financial institution.

  • Children still living at home: Utility bill in Parent(s) name, as well as identification and Utility Authorization Form.

  • Where utility bill is not in the applicant’s name, Utility Authorization Form and identification is required.

  • Accommodation provided by employer: Confirmation of address from employer.

  • Renting: Landlord’s utility bill supported by Rental Agreement in applicant's name.

  • Credit Bureau Report.

  • Temporary Resident: Proof of residency as well as Work Permit/Skills Certificate (for Caricom nationals).

  • Non-resident: Connection Document.

NB: Additional documents may be requested to complete the account opening process.

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