1st Credit Card

1st Credit Card Card Services



Purchases in foreign currencies

Enjoy withdrawals from millions of ATMs worldwide

Make purchases up to limit on card

Get cash advances at financial institutions worldwide

Shop online

Visa branded

Accepted internationally

Real time alerts for POS transactions

3D Secure for online purchases

Electronic statements

View card activity online

Visa My Rewards


One (1) Piece of Identification e.g. valid Passport, National ID Card or valid Driver’s License

Proof of Address i.e. a Utility Bill, a Credit Card Statement, an existing Bank Account Statement from another financial institution, or an additional piece of Identification bearing the residential address. (These must not be in excess of 3 months old)

Job Letter or Reference Letter (not in excess of 3 months old)


19.5% per annum Interest Rate

Annual Fee (Visa Classic) - $100.00

Annual Fee (Gold Classic) - $150.00

Annual Fee (Visa Business) - $400.00 year one, $200.00 thereafter

Cash Advance Fees - 2% minimum $8.00

Additional Card (co-applicant) (Visa Classic) - $50.00

Additional Card (co-applicant) (Gold Classic) - $75.00

Replacement Card - $25.00

Late Payment Fee - $50.00

Over the limit fee - $50.00

Other Credit Card Fees

Emergency Card - $25.00

Limit Increase Fee - $35.00

Immediate Payment - $20.00

Account History Request (per page) - $5.00

Statement Request - $25.00

Decline for Insufficient Funds - $2.50

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