1st Chequing

1st Chequing (Personal) Chequing


FREE Bank and ATM withdrawals

FREE Bank Deposits

FREE Mobile Banking

FREE Internet Banking

FREE Bill Payments

Investment Deal Team


Personalized Cheque books

Transfer funds between accounts

Detailed monthly statement and image of original paid cheques in statement


$5.00 Monthly Service Charge

$100.00 Minimum Opening Value

One (1) Piece of Identification e.g. valid Passport, National ID Card or valid Driver’s License

Proof of Address i.e. a Utility Bill, a Credit Card Statement, an existing Bank Account Statement from another financial institution, or an additional piece of Identification bearing the residential address. (These must not be in excess of 3 months old)

Job Letter or Reference Letter (not in excess of 3 months old)

Funds to open the Account

Additional Fees

Early Closure of Account (within 6 months of opening date) - $25.00

Certifying Balance - $25.00

NSF Charge - $50.00

Stop Payments - $25.00 per item

Withdrawal of Instructions Letter - $10.00

Duplicate/Additional Statements - $15.00 per month requested

Banker’s Report/Audit Confirmation - $50.00

Statement (printout) of Account - $5.00 per sheet

Credit Reports to other businesses, banks etc. - $50.00

Letters to Embassies, Consulates, Credit Confirmations etc. - $25.00

Debit/Withdrawal/Cheque Entries - $0.75 per entry plus stamp duty (paid when cheque book is issued)

Search for Vouchers - $15.00

Cheque Books - subject to printer fee

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