Conversion- Chequing Accounts SVG

Chequing Accounts

A new transit number will now be applicable. This new transit number is 10801033.  There will be no change to the look and feel of your cheques. Clients who normally print their cheques will need to change the cheque details to update the MICR line.

Please note that cheques with old routing numbers will only be accepted for a six-month period after the conversion. Effective August 27th, 2023, cheques with the old routing number will NOT be accepted. As of February 27th, 2023, cheque books will no longer be printed with the old routing number.

Please note that accounts will now become inactive after 90 days of no activity. Here are ways to maintain an active account:

a) ATM transactions

b) Direct deposits or withdrawals

c) Issuing of cheques

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