3D Secure

What is 3D Secure?

3D secure prevents the unauthorized use of your card. During a purchase from a desktop, mobile or other digital device, you may be guided through an extra check to verify your identity. This helps us ensure you’re you and better protects you from fraud. As a 1st National Bank cardholder, your online transactions are secured with Visa. Visa recently enhanced its security for online purchases making the experience more seamless and easy while protecting you from fraud.

Learn more about how it works at www.visa.com.

How does it Work?

All online transactions performed at participating 3D Secure enabled merchant websites will require you to enter a 6-digit OTP in order to complete the transaction. If the merchant is not 3D Secure enabled, you will not be required to enter the 6-digit OTP.

The steps involved in receiving the 6-digit OTP and completing online transactions are outlined below:

Enter the required card details as requested at checkout

Shop Online at any 3D Secure enabled online merchant site and checkout

Select the delivery mode by which you wish to receive the OTP

You will receive a 6-digit one-time password (OTP) on your mobile or email address registered with the Bank, depending on mode of delivery selected

Enter the OTP in the authentication screen

Transaction will be completed after successful verification

After you have entered your OTP correctly, your Bank will authenticate all details and following successful verification, the transaction will be authorized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D Secure OTP (One-time password)?

3D Secure OTP is a security feature that provides greater security for online purchases at participating merchants.  It allows cardholders to confirm online purchases made with their cards

How do I make purchases with OTP?

OTP requires entering one-time password (OTP) for each online purchase at participating merchants. OTP is sent to your mobile phone or email, which is registered in the bank’s systems.

If you haven’t registered the above information, you should contact your bank.  When you make a purchase at a participating merchant, after entering your card details (eg. number, expiration date, cvc2/cvv2), the service’s screen is automatically displayed. After confirming the transaction details (such as purchase amount, date, e-shop name), you should select to receive the OTP either by sms on your mobile phone or via email. Then, by clicking ‘Submit’, OTP will be sent and at the same time the screen where you need to enter it, is displayed.

Do I need to register to enable me to enjoy this service?

Registration for OTP is not required. In order to enjoy the highest level of security in your online purchases, the Bank provides the service automatically for your international card without requiring you to sign up.

Can I complete my purchase if I don’t receive the OTP?

No. An OTP is needed to complete a transaction every time

What if I don’t have a mobile number readily available?

You will not be able to receive the OTP sent to complete your purchase.

Do I have to use the same One Time Pin every time I use my card?

No. Every transaction comes with its unique OTP.

How do I know which merchants participate in the service?

Participating merchants display the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Identity Check logo on their websites

What happens if an online merchant does not participate in the service?

The additional 3D Secure authentication is not applicable on online merchant sites that do not support MasterCard Identity Check / Verified by Visa authentication. Transactions performed at these merchant sites will be processed as normal online transactions without OTP authentication.

To which mobile phone number or email OTP will be sent?

During card issuance you should have stated your mobile phone number and email.  OTP will be sent to your mobile phone or email (whichever you choose) registered with the Bank. If no mobile phone or email is registered at all in the Bank’s systems, you should contact the Bank to update your records.

Do I need to confirm my mobile phone or my email for each transaction?

On the Verified by Visa/Mastercard Identity Check service screen, where you have to enter the OTP, a part of your mobile phone number or email (whichever you chose) registered in the Bank’s systems in which OTP has already been sent is displayed. Please check the mobile phone number or email and if it is incorrect, you should contact your Bank to update your records.

What should I do if my mobile phone is incorrect?

If your mobile phone is incorrect, you may select to receive OTP via your email. At the same time, you should contact your Bank to register your new mobile phone number.

What should I do if my email is incorrect?

If your email is incorrect, you may select to receive OTP via your mobile phone. At the same time, you should contact your Bank to register your new email.

Can I delete my international card from participating in the 3D Secure OTP Service?

You cannot delete your international card from participating in the 3D Secure OTP Service.  The 3D Secure OTP Service, which is provided to you completely free of charge, offers you even greater security to enjoy online transactions with your international card.

I previously registered for 3D Secure, will I stop using it?

The way you make your online purchases with your international card at participating merchants has changed. Effective 10th February 2020, you will enter a One Time Password (OTP) that you will receive via SMS on your mobile phone or email. This means that you will not need to enter the password you created when you previously registered your card for 3D Secure.

Will I be able to receive the OTP on my mobile phone when transacting abroad?

Yes, once your phone has been switched to roaming mode.

What should I do if I receive an OTP alert when I haven’t initiated any purchase?

Report the issue immediately to your Bank or call centre

My code is not working, what should I do to complete my purchase?

You have entered the wrong code or the code has expired. Please check and re-enter the correct code or request a new code if code has expired

How long is the code valid after receipt?

11 minutes.

What happens if I enter the OTP incorrectly?

If the OTP is entered incorrectly, you will be prompted to enter the correct OTP. If you enter the OTP incorrectly 3 times, then the transaction cannot be completed. In such case, you will be required to re-start the purchase transaction at the merchant site.

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