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Switch Kit

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Switch Your Bank Accounts to 1st National Bank

Start experiencing superior banking service before you are even a customer. Our Switch Kit allows you to move your existing bank accounts to 1st National Bank with both simplicity and convenience. Choose your needs below, print out the paperwork, and send it to the appropriate party.

Switch Kit Checklist

Within this easy checklist are suggestions and steps to close your old accounts and open your new 1st National Bank. We included a prewrittenletter for closing your old account. Print and refer to this list as you complete the steps.

- Send a written notice to any direct deposit vendors regarding the change in your relationship
- Send a written notice to close an account with vendors who automatically take your payments from you
- Send notice of new account to transfer or start new automatic payments with vendors
- Send a written notice to your old financial institution that you are closing the account

Prepared Letters and Forms

To help you with the transfer, stop, or start of automatic payments, 1st National Bank provides you with simple forms to fill-in and print that help you explain to your vendor the change in your account relationship.

- Close other Bank's Accounts: Notify old bank
- Transfer AutoPay to the new 1st National Bank account : Notify Vendors
- Cancel AutoPay: Notify old bank - Authorize AutoPay : Notify old bank
- Transfer Direct Deposit: Notify Vendors
- Authorize Direct Deposit: Notify 1st National Bank

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